Mark your calendars: Monday, March 21, 2011 Webinar

Join us on March 21 to learn more about the INCITE program and the upcoming call for proposals. The INCITE manager and representatives from the Argonne and Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facilities will give a 1.5 hour webinar on how to craft an INCITE proposal and answer questions about their respective IBM Blue Gene/P (“Intrepid”) and Cray XT (“Jaguar”) systems. Details and the registration page can be found here.

The INCITE program seeks proposals of computer time for research projects that require petascale resources to address high-impact scientific and engineering challenges. Nearly 1.7 billion processor hours will be allocated in CY2012 to researchers worldwide for research projects that would not be possible or productive without the computing capabilities and computational support available through DOE leadership-class supercomputing facilities at Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois and Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. For details, see the previous Call for Proposals at or contact The 2012 INCITE Call for Proposals will open April 13, 2011 and will close June 30, 2011. Awards will be announced in November 2011.