Mark your calendars: INCITE Proposal Writing Webinars on March 26 and April 24

The 2013 INCITE Call for Proposals opens April 11, 2012 and closes June 27, 2012. To help you prepare an INCITE proposal – or to simply learn more about the program – join us on March 26th or April 24th for an INCITE Proposal Writing webinar. Both events are hosted by the INCITE program, and the INCITE manager and representatives of the Leadership Computing Facilities at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory will walk you through the proposal form and give you tips and best practices for the application process. During the 1.5 hour webinar we’ll also discuss the Director’s Discretionary Program, a way to request early access to port, tune, and scale your codes in preparation for an INCITE application.

The 2013 INCITE Call for Proposals is for awards of compute time on the Cray XK6 (Titan) system at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility and the IBM Blue Gene/P (Intrepid) and IBM Blue Gene/Q (Mira) systems at the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility. For more details and early registration for these events, see here for the March 26th event and here for the April 24th event.