Previous Awards

Fact sheets summarizing INCITE projects awarded since 2004 are available below. Each summary includes a brief description of the project, participants, and the size of the award.

The Argonne Leadership Computing Facility’s (ALCF’s) newest leadership computing resource is Theta, a 10-petaflop next generation Intel/Cray development resource. The ALCF also houses Mira, a IBM Blue Gene/Q system with 49,152 compute nodes and a power-efficient architecture. The Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) is home to Titan, a 27-petaflops Cray XK7 hybrid system employing both central processing units and energy-efficient, high-performance graphics processing units in its 18,688 compute nodes. For 2018, the INCITE program, which is jointly managed by DOE’s LCFs, awarded 5.95 billion hours at the ALCF and at the OLCF on systems capable of carrying out quadrillions of calculations each second (petaflops). A total of 55 projects received awards of time for calendar year 2018. See the full text of the announcement.

INCITE Award Projects